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Water Mark (2.0) by MegaCharizard231 Water Mark (2.0) :iconmegacharizard231:MegaCharizard231 2 0
Sam the Pikachu Bio
First Name: Sam
Gender: Male
Race: Pokemon, Pikachu
Age: 16
Current Residence: Guild Starlight
Relationship status: Friends with Josh the Oshawott and Jake the Victini
Social status: Friendly
Language Spoken: English
Volume of speaking: Normal but if mad he will have a strong voice
Height: 1”04”
Weight: 13.5ibs (with bandanna)
Fur colour: yellow with black on tips of ears and red in electric sacks
Typical clothing: Bandanna with a satchel that he puts many things for him and his guild members
Likes: Being like Blaze the lucario (his Idle), Food, being noticed and accepted in the group
Dislikes: Not being noticed
Personal goals: To be the best guild member like Blaze the Lucario
General Intelligence: he has average intelligence but sometimes is corrected by Josh
moves: Electro Ball, Quick Attack, thunderbolt and thunder punch
Combat: he is strong at using Electric attacks and is never afraid of going straight into battles
Style of fighting: he is quick and runs to dodge atta
:iconmegacharizard231:MegaCharizard231 3 0
Josh the oshawott (pixilart GIF) by MegaCharizard231 Josh the oshawott (pixilart GIF) :iconmegacharizard231:MegaCharizard231 7 0 (Adobe) Fling the Teacher by MegaCharizard231 (Adobe) Fling the Teacher :iconmegacharizard231:MegaCharizard231 0 0 Collab: The bar by MegaCharizard231 Collab: The bar :iconmegacharizard231:MegaCharizard231 8 2 Do you need help by MegaCharizard231 Do you need help :iconmegacharizard231:MegaCharizard231 7 2 (collab) Josh the Oshawatta by MegaCharizard231 (collab) Josh the Oshawatta :iconmegacharizard231:MegaCharizard231 11 0 Metting Sam, Jake and Josh Page 2 by MegaCharizard231 Metting Sam, Jake and Josh Page 2 :iconmegacharizard231:MegaCharizard231 2 0 Metting Sam, Jake and Josh by MegaCharizard231 Metting Sam, Jake and Josh :iconmegacharizard231:MegaCharizard231 2 0 Super Buizel Meme by MegaCharizard231 Super Buizel Meme :iconmegacharizard231:MegaCharizard231 1 0 Castle Concept Art for PMD and Star Wars comic by MegaCharizard231 Castle Concept Art for PMD and Star Wars comic :iconmegacharizard231:MegaCharizard231 2 0 Josh the Oshawatta by MegaCharizard231 Josh the Oshawatta :iconmegacharizard231:MegaCharizard231 4 0 Naruto Battle Scene from page 8 of Volume 25 by MegaCharizard231 Naruto Battle Scene from page 8 of Volume 25 :iconmegacharizard231:MegaCharizard231 3 1 Sam the pikachu by MegaCharizard231 Sam the pikachu :iconmegacharizard231:MegaCharizard231 1 0 Cottage by MegaCharizard231 Cottage :iconmegacharizard231:MegaCharizard231 2 0 Lego Star Wars characters by MegaCharizard231 Lego Star Wars characters :iconmegacharizard231:MegaCharizard231 4 0
Please see my art if you are interested in ether Pixilart, traditional art or digital art.

Things i like:
Lucario Fan Button by Wildcat1999 Riolu Fan Button by Wildcat1999 Lycanroc Dusk Form Fan Button by Wildcat1999 Noivern Fan Button by Wildcat1999 Xbox One Fan Button by Wildcat1999 Nintendo Switch Fan Button by Wildcat1999 Zygarde Complete Fan Button by Wildcat1999 Incineroar Fan Button by Wildcat1999 Ash-Greninja Fan Button by Wildcat1999 Ash Ketchum Fan Button by Wildcat1999 Charizard Fan Button (UPDATED) by ButtonsMaker Mega-Charizard X Fan Button by VonKellcsiis Star Wars Fan Button by EclipsaButterfly Star Wars Rebels Fan Button by theguywhoishere Star Wars: The Clone Wars Fan Button by ButtonsMaker Markiplier fan button by ButtonCreator Bastion Fan Button - Free to use by Mi-ChanComm Pokemon Fan Button by TyTrance


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I like star wars, Pokemon and many other things.


Another Critique and other story so, 1. looks: it looks cool as it is a battle between the two so this will be a good concept art for C...

Great job in doing this Background Tutorial. This tutorial is good with it being well done and explain the laws of perspective to make ...

Hello, so this is my secound critique so lets start: 1.i love all the details that you have put into your Pokeson and the background. 2...

This tutorial is great as it shows many people who don't know how to do trees properly. I also like it how you did a lot of detail and ...

I am sorry if you did not understand or did not like it but i try my hardest to tell what was good about your artworks.


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MC231 | Santi
Artist | Student | Varied
Avatar Pic by King-0f-Pirates
Hi, my name is MegaCharizard231 or just call me MC for short.
I like to be friends with others and i try my best at doing art but i have only just started doing art again. I speak Spanish and English and i like doing both digital art with photoshop (still getting use to it and i only use the Touch pad on my Laptop) and traditional art.
Photoshop User Button by ButtonsMaker
-------------------------------------{Languages Spoken}-----------------------------------
AU EN Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-design Argentinian Spanish language level INTERMEDIATE by TheFlagandAnthemGuy Japanese language level RANDOM WORDS by TheFlagandAnthemGuy
PS. I actually speak by Colombian Spanish but Argentina is close
--------------------------------------{My inspirations:}-------------------------------------
* * * * * * * * * * :iconzander-the-artist: :iconthe-coolly-artist: :iconlex-the-artist: :icontsaoshin: :iconvind7: * * * * * * * * * *
---------------------------------------{My DA friends:}--------------------------------------
* * * * * * * * :iconsharpe-fan: :iconchyvex: :iconextremeslash: :iconmoonmute: :icondeathxael: :iconleslongxia: * * * * * * * * *
----------------------------------{My best friend and rival:}-------------------------------
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * :iconking-0f-pirates: * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
I like listening to colplay while drawing and this is my favourite song by them:
Coldplay Fan Button by Loaded--Dice…
My other things:
I have a Pixilart account so please have a peak if you want to:


First Name: Jake
Gender: Male
Race: Legendary Pokemon, Victini
Age: 17
Current Residence: Guild Starlight
Relationship status: Friends with Sam the Pikachu, Josh the oshawott and Secretly Blaze the Lucario
Social Status: friendly
Languages spoken: English
Volume of speaking: sometime with a brave voice to support his teammates
Height: 40.6 cm
Weight: 4 kg
Fur Colour: Orange hands, legs and ears while having
Typical Clothing: bandanna
Likes: helping others by giving others a boost
Dislike: Helping Pokemon that are evil and battling other Pokemon
Personal Goals: to make many Pokemon happy and become the best healer
General Intelligence: is smart in healing Pokemon
Moves: Flamethrower, protect, heal, boost
Combat: he is very powerful at damage but he does not use this power. He is powerful at healing other Pokemon like his teammates that are in need of help
Style of fighting: He likes to stay away from battling Pokemon but when necessary he can use his powerful flamethrower to face any foe
Current Home: The home of the Starlight Guild
Info: Jake is a kind and caring medic and booster that helps his allies get through battles. Although he is friends with blaze, he does not tell his mates about it, as he know that Sam will just start chit chatting about how cool he is. In the end, he is like the backbone of the team and he is not afraid of anything as he can use his powerful flamethrower attack.
First Name: Josh
Gender: Male
Race: Pokemon, Oshawott
Age: 16
Current Residence: Guild Starlight
Relationship status: Friends with Sam the Pikachu and Jake the Victini
Social Status: friendly
Languages spoken: English
Volume of speaking: always calm
Height: 50.8 cm
Weight: 5.9 kg
Fur colour: blue body with dark blue legs and head thorns. His head colour is White
Typical clothing: Bandanna
Likes: being the boss of the guild and making everything right
Dislikes: Not making everything organized
Personal Goals: wants to be the best Guild master like his father
General Intelligence: He is smart and is strategic when doing a battle
Moves: Aqua Jet, Water gun, protect
Combat: he is not as strong as Sam the Pikachu but he is still attacks with aqua jet
Style of fighting: He is strategic and is ready to use his protect when the battle is too rough
Current home: the home of the Starlight Guild
Info: Josh is friendly to anyone and he likes to be nice to others like his best friends Sam and Jake. He also likes to keep the Guild house tidy and clean but sometimes Sam can get the house messy. In the end, he wants to be like his father to be a strategic guild master that has a strong team.
Happy Birthday Ash Ketchum, tho i liked you more in the Kalos Region than the Alolan. :3


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